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Ref: 1815 - Trad - Bisbee
Bisbee traditional scale limited edition decorator model 3000
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I glow in the dark!




Samhain – 2019 Halloween Horse – Limited Edition




Nothing says Halloween quite like the sights and sounds of an autumn farm after dark!
Amidst the black fencing on Samhain’s sides are cornstalks, pumpkins, eerie ghosts and the rising moon.
When the lights go out, Samhain won’t leave you in the dark: the green areas of her coat glow!
Her spooky appearance is accented with metallic gold and copper, shimmery orange and the deep black of night.
Limited edition has “Samhain 2019” written on her belly.





Collectors Information: Traditional Scale


Colour: Decorator


Breed: Belgium Draft


Dimensions: 23cm L by 35cm H


Bisbee – Limited Edition of 3000


Turquoise is a natural stone that comes in many hues, and is traditionally found in south western jewellery and adornments. There are many varieties of turquoise, including the remarkable Bisbee turquoise that was found in Bisbee, Arizona.

Varying shades of blue are surrounded by a chocolate matrix, and often, copper veining that accents the stone’s colour. Arizona’s Lavender Pit copper mine yielded a fine supply of this special Bisbee turquoise, which was highly sought after for its beauty. While this mine is now closed, Bisbee turquoise is still prized by collectors and artisans.

True to the natural stone that inspired her decoration, Bisbee has a unique blue/green speckled body color that mimics the gorgeous natural hues of turquoise. Her coat is accented by metallic copper veining that is the hallmark of Bisbee turquoise. Stunning from every angle, Breyer has indeed unearthed a rare beauty to be treasured!


Collectors Information: Traditional Scale

Colour: Decorator

Breed: Mustang

Dimensions: 23cm L by 35cm H


Price: 59.95

In stock

Available within 3-5 working days