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3D Paint by Numbers Morgan

3D Paint by Numbers - Morgan

Ref: Access 4203 - 3D paint morgan
Morgan 3D Paint by Numbers Bring model horses to life with this 3D paint-by-number kit. Inside, you'll find a pre-marked paint-by-number Breyer model, 3 paintbrushes, 6 paint colors, and a 16-page full-color ...

Price: 16.95

A Champion is Born

A Champion is Born Set

Ref: Class 61087 - Achampisborn
  A Champion is Born Set   One of the world's oldest breeds, the Arabian, is known for its beauty, endurance and people-loving personality. The American Quarter Horse is known for speed and versatility. ...

Price: 45.00

Classic Scale American Saddlebred Grey

American Saddlebred - Grey

Ref: 956 Class greyasb
  American Saddlebred - Grey     Collectors Information: Classic Scale   Colour: Grey   Breed: American Saddlebred   Dimensions: 25cm L x 20cm H  

Price: 16.99

Classic Chestnut Appaloosa blanket spot

Appalooosa - chestnut blanket spot

Ref: Class 937 - chesapp
  Appalossa - Chestnut Blanket Spot   The Appaloosa is known for its uniquely spotted coat that comes in many patterns. They are hardy horses that make excellent stock, pleasure, and trail mounts. ...

Price: 18.00

Arab HOrse and Foal Set Classic Scale

Arab Horse and Foal Set

Ref: Class 62047 - Arabhorsefoal

Price: 25.00

Arab horse adn foal set classic scale

Arab Horse and Foal Set

Ref: Class 62046 - Arabhorsefoal
Arab Horse and Foal Set Adorable horse and foal sets make great gifts and are a perfect way to get a child's Breyer stable started! Collectors Information: Classic Scale Colour: Chestnut Breed: Arab Dimensions: ...

Price: 27.00

Classic Scale Art Class Play Set

Art Class Play Set

Ref: Class - Artset
  Art Class Play Set     Drawing, painting and sculpting are so much more fun when you have an adorable bay and white pinto foal as your model. Together with paintbrushes and paints ...

Price: 19.95

Aurora Classic Scale Unicorn


Ref: Class 62059 - Aurora
Aurora     While most of her unicorn herd prefers to venture out  at night,Auroramakes her appearance at the break  of day, bringing with her the light of dawn! As bright  and ...

Price: 24.95

Classic Scale Austrailian Stock Horse

Australian Stock Horse

Ref: 950 - Class Auststock
Australian Stock Horse   This bay roan Australian Stock Horse is an amazingly versatile working horse with great endurance and temperament. This 1:12 scale model is authentically crafted and hand-painted ...

Price: 16.99

bath Time Fun Classic Scale Set

Bath Time Fun Set

Ref: Class 62027 - Bathtimefun
Bath Time Fun Set This engaging set comes with everything needed to give the pony a bath and some pampering! Includes: 6 articulated doll, pony, pony blanket, bucket, tack box, feed bag, curry comb, and ...

Price: 32.00

Breyer Classic Arabian Bay

Bay Arabian

Ref: Classic-Arab-bay
  Bay Arabian   The Arabian is the oldest known horse breed, and has played a role in the evolution of almost every other recognized breed of horse. Arabians dominate the sport of endurance riding, ...

Price: 13.95

Classic scale bay pinto pony

Bay Pinto Pony

Ref: Class 920 - Bay pinto
  Bay Pinto Pony       Due to their appealing small size, ponies are popular riding mounts for children. A pony must measure no more than 14.2 hands (58 inches - one hand equals 4 inches) ...

Price: 18.00

Classic Scale Bay Thoroughbred

Bay Thoroughbred

Ref: 951 Class - baytb
Bay Thoroughbred   The Thoroughbred is widely used for racing, but also is a wonderful mount for recreational riders. This 1:12 scale model is authentically crafted and hand-painted and is perfect ...

Price: 16.99

Bella Horse of the Year

Bella - Horse of the Year

Ref: Class 62118 - Bella
  Bella PLEASE NOTE: BOX IS DAMAGED BUT MODEL IS IN GOOD CONDITION   5th in the Series A new sculpture by Kathleen Moody! Bella is a dun Appendix Quarter Horse which is the result of breeding ...

Price: 19.95

Best Friends gift set classic scale

Best Friends

Ref: Class 61082- Bestfriends
  BEST FRIENDS This Fleabitten Grey Morgan mare has a very special friend - a lovely sable Shetland Sheepdog! Morgans have great stamina, intelligence and bravery which makes them ideal for a variety ...

Price: 34.95

Classic Scale Buckskin Hanovarian

Buckskin Hanovarian

Ref: 953 - Class Buckhano
Buckskin Hanovarian  Athletic and stylish, the Hanoverian is a popular choice for top competitors. This 1:12 scale model is authentically crafted and hand-painted and is perfect for young collectors. ...

Price: 16.99

Classic Buckskin Paint

Buckskin Paint

Ref: Class 940 -buck
  Buckskin Paint   American Paint Horses are known for their colourful coat pattern and stock horse body type.   Scale: 1:12 Collectors Information: Classic Scale Colour: PintoBreed: Paint ...

Price: 18.00

Canterwood Crest Chasing Blue with Aristocrat Model Horse

Canterwood Crest - Chasing Blue

Ref: Class 6171 - Canterwood blue
Canterwood Crest Chasing Blue Book and Aristocrat Model Horse   PLEASE NOTE: BOX IS DAMAGED BUT ITEM IS IN GOOD CONDITION Sasha Silver's journey through boarding school continues as Sasha realizes ...

Price: 29.00

Chestnut SPort Horse Classic Scale

Chestnut Sport Horse

Ref: Class 924 - Chestnutsport
Chestnut Sport Horse The term Sport Horse is relatively new in the world of horses and generally refers more to a type of horse than a particular breed. In general, sport horses refer to horses that are ...

Price: 18.00

Classic Three Horse Stable

Classic Three Horse Stable

Ref: Class 688 - Classicthree
Classics Three Horse Stable Adorable, easy-to-assemble 3-stall barn is the perfect place for kids to stable their Classics horses. Features pink roof and windows and doors that swing open and closed. Includes ...

Price: 33.00

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