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Stablemate Scale American Pharoah

American Pharoah (Stablemate Scale)

Ref: Stable - AmericanPharoah
  American Pharoah (Stablemate Scale)     For 37 years, Thoroughbred fans around the world have been waiting for their next champion, a horse that could dominate the Kentucky Derby, Preakness ...

Price: 4.95

American Quarter Horse Stablemate Chestnut

American Quarter Horse Stablemate Chestnut

Ref: 6900 - Stabahqchest
American Quarter Horse Stablemate   The Quarter Horse is known for speed at the quarter mile and its exceptional ability to work cattle. Collectors Information: Stablemate Scale Colour: Chestnut Breed: ...

Price: 3.95

Stablemate American Saddlebred

American Saddlebred

Ref: Stable 5900 - ASB
  American Saddlebred   The American Saddlebred originated in Kentucky by plantation owners and is a gaited horse that possess high stepping action. Today, they are most often shown in saddle ...

Price: 3.95

Black Andalusian Stablemate

Andalusian - Currently out of stock

Ref: Stable- Andalusian
  Andalusian   The Andalusian has been highly regarded since the Middle Ages when they were the preferred mount of European noblemen. They originated in southern Spain and were often used in ...

Price: 3.95

Stablemate appaloosa sporthorse

Appaloosa Sporthorse

Ref: Stable 5900 - Black Spot sport
  Black Appaloosa Sport Horse   The Appaloosa Sport Horse is a combination of the athleticism and agility of the Warmblood and the disposition and flashy spotted coloring of the Appaloosa. They ...

Price: 3.95

Stablemate Appaloosa

Appaloosa Stablemate

Ref: 6900 - Stabappybrown
Appaloosa Stablemate   American Indians selectively bred spotted Appaloosa horses for their color and versatility. Collectors Information: Stablemate Scale Colour: Bay Breed: Warmblood Dimensions: ...

Price: 3.95

Stablemate Pinto Arab


Ref: 6900 - Stab - Arabpinto
Arab   Arabians are the oldest known breed of riding horses. Bred by the Bedouins in the ArabPeninsula, they are renowned for their high level of endurance over long distances. The dry, harsh weather ...

Price: 3.95

Stablemates Barrel Racing Set

Barrel Racing Set

Ref: Stab - BarrellRace
  Barrel Racing Set   This cowgirl and her horse are ready to compete in barrel racing! Includes: Western rider, horse, three barrels, Western saddle and bridle, and 4 sections of fencing.   ...

Price: 14.95

Best of British Stablemate Set

Best of British Stablemate Set

Ref: Stab 9176 -bestbristishstabset
Best of British Stablemate Set Four British breeds are contained in this beautiful set. Highland, Shire, SuffolkPunch and Shetland Collectors Information: Stablemate Scale Dimensions: 20cm L ...

Price: 16.00

Competing at the Games Stablemate set

Competing a the Games - Stablemate Set

Ref: Stab 5388 - Compgames
Competing at the Games Stablemate Set The most popular horse sports at the highest level of international competition include show jumping, dressage and three-day eventing. The breeds of horses most often ...

Price: 16.00

Dapples and Dots stablemates four horse set

Dapples and Dots Four horse set

Ref: Stab 6036 - dapplesdots
Dapples and Dots Four Horse Set   This fun set includes 4 Stablemates Horses: Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa, Palomino Semi Leopard Appaloosa, Dapple Grey Arabian, Dapple Bay Warmblood. Collectors Information: ...

Price: 16.00

Deluxe Animal Hospilemates scale

Deluxe Animal Hospital - Stablemates

Ref: Stab 59204 - Deluxehospital
Deluxe Animal Hospital – Stablemates When animals need care, there’s only one place to take them…Breyer’s Stablemates Deluxe Animal Hospital! This state-of-the-art healing center ...

Price: 36.00

Deluxe Stabel Set stablemates scale

Deluxe Stable Set - Stablemates

Ref: Stab 59209 - Deluxstab
  Deluxe Stable Set - Stablemates   Breyer's Stablemates® Deluxe Stable Set is the ultimate accessory for fans of Breyer's 1:32nd scale Stablemates horses. This 7-stall barn is loaded with ...

Price: 100.00

English Play Set Stablemate Scale

English Play Set

Ref: Stab 6027 - Englishplayset
English Play Set Whether creating a show scene or creating a stable scene, kids will love the role play action with this English Play Set! Includes grey Sport Horse with blue Breyer blanket and Palomino ...

Price: 20.00

Breyer English Rider and Appaloosa Warmblood Set

English Rider and Appaloosa Set

Ref: Stab 6203 - Engriderappywarmset
English Rider and Appaloosa Warmblood Horse Set This set includes one Grullo Appaloosa Warmblood horse, one English rider and a jump. Four different horse breeds and riders to choose from!  Which ...

Price: 8.50

Breyer English Rider and Warmblood Horse Set

English Rider and Warmblood Set

Ref: Stable - englishridechestwarm
English Rider and Warmblood Horse Set This set includes one chestnut Warmblood horse, one English rider and a jump. Four different horse breeds and riders to choose from!  Which one will you choose? ...

Price: 6.95

Breyer Stablemate Farmyard Friends Set

Farmyard Friends Set

Ref: Stable 5365 - Farmyard
  Farmyard Friends Set   A farm isn't complete until it has some animals! Visit the Stablemates Farm, where happy animals love playing in the pasture with their friends. Great for creating your ...

Price: 14.95

Frolicking FOals Pocket Barn Set

Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn

Ref: Stab 5932-barnfoal
  Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn   Loads of fun in a small package! Open up the barn to play with the two adorable foals, and use the fencing to create a corral. The Pocket Barn has hinged loft ...

Price: 17.95

Gentle Giants Stablemate Set

Gentle Giants Set

Ref: Stab 6022 - gentlegiant
  Gentle Giants Stablemates Set    Includes four Stablemates Draft horses, Black Friesian, Grey Percheron, Sorrel Belgian, and Red Roan Clydesdale.   Scale: 1:32   Collectors Information: ...

Price: 17.95

Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

Ref: Gift Wrap
  Hot to Trot Model Horses Gift Wrap Service   Forgotten that important event? Missed a Birthday?  Then why not let Hot to Trot Model Horses take away the stress and send your chosen item, ...

Price: 1.00

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