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Unicorns and Fantasy

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Aurora Classic Scale Unicorn


Ref: Class 62059 - Aurora
Aurora     While most of her unicorn herd prefers to venture out  at night,Auroramakes her appearance at the break  of day, bringing with her the light of dawn! As bright  and ...

Price: 24.95

Calavera 2017 Halloween horse


Ref: Trad 1778 - Calavera
  Calavera   2017 Halloween Horse - Sugar Skulls Theme!     Every fall, the Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) is observed inLatin America. While skull and skeleton imagery is ...

Price: 50.95

Cosmus Classic Scale Pegasus


Ref: Class 62052 - Cosmus
  Cosmus   Classic Scale Pegasus Pegasus, the mythical winged horse, is a beloved figure in Greek mythology, associated with thunder and lightning and known as a symbol of wisdom and ...

Price: 19.95

Day Dreamer Classic Scale Decorator

Day Dreamer

Ref: Class 62053 - Daydreamer
  Day Dreamer   A breath of fresh air on a beautiful day, each of Day Dreamer's sides features a cheerful rainbow springing from the clouds, with a sun peeking out from behind it. Her glittery ...

Price: 24.00

Forthwind unicorn


Ref: Class 62051 - Forthwind
  Forthwind   Forthwind is a young unicorn with a pale icy blue coat, white mane and a golden horn and hooves. He hails from the frosty climates where the Aurora Borealis begins. Forthwind and ...

Price: 19.95

Illumination Limited Edition Decorator

Illumination - Limited Edition of 3000

Ref: 1799 Trad - Illumination
  Illumination – Limited Edition of 3000       There is perhaps no better symbol of the American spirit than the mustang! Mustangs are a cherished part ofAmerica's history, and ...

Price: 59.95

Liberty blue decorator model horse


Ref: Trad 1780 - Liberty
  Liberty   Special Edition - Limited to 3,000 Pieces!   Very Limited Quantities Available. Model will not ship until on or around July 12, 2017. Everyone knows that any American cowboy ...

Price: 49.95

Lucky Acres Blossom Bath Time colour changing pony

Lucky Acres Blossom

Ref: 7231 - Class Bloss
Lucky Acres Blossom the Ballerina   Bath Time Horse When this friendly Appaloosa is done pirouetting and prancing, she hops in the bath. Surprise! Her brown markings turn pink in warm water! Includes: ...

Price: 21.99

Luna Bath Time Colour Changing Unicorn

Luna Bath Time Colour Changing Unicorn

Ref: Class 7233 - Luna
Luna Bath Time Unicorn Clean her with warm water, and watch her mane, tail and celestial markings change color! When she dries, colors return to normal. Includes: Luna unicorn, bathrobe, atomizer spray ...

Price: 24.00

Paint Your Own Unicorn

Paint your own Unicorn

Ref: Class 4211 - unicorn
  Paint your own Unicorn   Painting is beloved by Breyer fans of all ages, and now there's a unicorn they'll want to add to their herd! Kit includes everything needed to paint a colorful unicorn. ...

Price: 14.95

Picture necklace featuring Breyer horses

Picture Necklace

Ref: Acc: Necklace
Breyer Model Horse Picture Necklace Handmade necklace depicting a Breyer model horse! Each pendant comes with a 16 silver chain with a glass cabochon.  Many will be one of a kind. Please state ...

Price: 5.00

Prism Traditinal Scale Decorator


Ref: Trad 1801 Prism
Prism Limited Edition of 3,500sm   PRE ORDER DUE IN SEPTEMBER 2018   Breyer’s newest decorator model, Prism, is a colorful work of art that will thrill your eyes and delight  your ...

Price: 54.95

Rock 'N' Roll Forever Classic Scale model horse

Rock 'N' Roll Forever

Ref: Class 62039 - rockroll
  Rock ‘N’ Roll Forever    Rock 'N Roll Forever, the third in a series of decorator Breyer Classics horses, shines in the spotlight with a vibrant rock star theme. This limited ...

Price: 25.95

Sagittarius Zodiac Model Horse


Ref: Class - Sagittarius
  Sagittarius Zodiac Horse November 22 - December 21 Enthusiastic Sagittarius' are optimists, and love to make others laugh, even if the joke is at their own expense. They are outgoing and confident, ...

Price: 25.95



Ref: Trad 1782 - Sugarmple
  Sugarmaple   Every autumn, nature’s beauty is put on full display as the seasons change and green leaves on the trees give way to shades of yellow, gold, orange, and red. This season ...

Price: 48.95

Taurus Zodiac Model Horse


Ref: Class - Taurus
  Taurus Zodiac Horse April 20 - May 20 Strong and balanced, this Warmblood stallion represents Taurus.  Looking toward solid ground, this Earth sign is known for being patient and reliable. ...

Price: 25.95

Unicorn Cookies Borthday Cake Flavour

Unicorn Cookies

Ref: Cookiemadness Unicorn Cookies
Unicorn Protein Cookies   Strictly for Unicorns Only!   Madness Nutrition embarked on a crazy adventure to formulate and develop the ULTIMATE PROTEIN COOKIE.  Our bakers went bonkers while ...

Price: 2.00

Unicorn Stablemate Single Blind Bags

Unicorn Stablemate - Single Bags

Ref: Stab 6217 Unicornstable
  UNICORN Stablemates Mystery Surprise Bags   PRE ORDER DUE IN SEPTEMBER 2018     These fun surprise unicorns are the perfect extra item to add to your basket. A total of 7 styles to ...

Price: 4.95

Unicorn Stablemate Mystery Surprise Box of 24

Unicorn Stablemate Mystery Surprise Box of 24

Ref: Stab 6217B - Unicornstabbox
  UNICORN Stablemates Mystery Surprise Box of 24     These fun surprise unicorns are the perfect extra item to add to your basket. A total of 7 styles to collect, and a special chase piece ...

Price: 95.95

Virgil Unicorn Ornament

Virgil - Unicorn Ornament

Ref: xmas 700649 - virgil
Virgil – Unicorn Ornament   The holidays are often described as being magical and what’s more magical than a unicorn? Virgil has a gorgeously shaded pearly lavender coat and a silver horn.  ...

Price: 14.95

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